For Sellers

  • Advise Sellers on one of their biggest financial decisions.

  • Combine technology, marketing, network and experience to get the owner the best price.

  • Consult on furniture staging and improvements with access to Compass’ unique Concierge program where costs are paid upfront with no interest on services such as staging, paint, system updates, cosmetic renovations, landscaping, decluttering, moving support, repairs and more.

  • Review your home with Compass agents on a pricing tour to offer their collective expertise toward pricing your home appropriately and in line with market expectations.

  • Hire premier photographers to differentiate your property.

  • Create Virtual Tours and 3D Modeling so Buyers have a better understanding of your house.

  • Create attractive and detailed brochures to promote the property and to tell each property’s unique story.

  • Provide professional signage to attract attention to the property.

  • Host Brokers Opens to network to elite agents.

  • Host Open Houses to publicize and generate buzz.

Work With Us

Sarah is deeply committed to understanding each client’s needs and providing an excellent experience. Her integrity, attention to detail and ability to navigate complex transactions allows her to support her clients to achieve the results they want.
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